How to maintain hardwood floors

Choosing solid hardwood flooring can come with many questions, especially when maintaining them over their many years of lifespan. In today's post, we will tell you more about maintenance requirements and the best ways to achieve them, so read along with us here.

Wood flooring is easier to care for than you might think

Maintaining wood floors used to be a time-consuming process and was often only achievable in a few specific ways. Today, these floors are easier to care for than ever before, making them a much more feasible option for more rooms in your home.

For instance, be sure to clean up spills immediately to ensure no water spots or stain damage, and sweep up any loose debris daily to avoid scratches and scuffs. If you have heavy furniture or pieces often moved, place furniture pads beneath the legs to prevent scratching your surfaces.

If you have bigger messes or need a professional assessment, be sure to visit or contact us at your convenience. And be sure to consider refinishing at least every three to five years to maintain the intended lifespan of these superior materials.

We offer beautiful wood flooring and services

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