How flooring services affect appearance, performance, and longevity

How flooring services affect appearance, performance, and longevity

One of the things we emphasize to our customers is the importance of proper maintenance. We also know customers want shopping convenience without running from store to store for inventory and solutions. That?s why we offer a full range of services from installation to flooring repairs, disposal, subfloor restoration, and even a fully stocked mobile showroom. Here are just a few things we can do for you.

Restretch your carpet

A loose, wrinkled carpet doesn?t necessarily mean it needs to be replaced. The rug is lifted and reinstalled with a power stretcher to push it tightly against the wall with the restretch process. Tack strips, which hold the carpet in place, are restored. Since furniture will need to be removed, be sure to ask how to prepare.

Hardwood refinishing to restore luster

Wood floors last for decades and, while scratches add character, sometimes they become excessive, and the floor looks dull and worn. No need to replace them; unless there is structural damage; refinishing is all that?s needed to bring them back to original glory. How can you tell if it?s needed? Add a drop of water, and if it sinks in slowly or not at all, you can get by for a few months, but if it absorbs quickly, have it done ASAP.

Custom area rugs for aesthetics and function

These rugs accent and highlight, adding the ?wow? factor to any room. They can also be used to define and divide areas of a room.

Ideally, all rooms would be perfect squares, but there are door sills, bay windows, moldings, and baseboards that can keep standard sizes from fitting. If this happens, we?ll cut, shape, and bind the edges. Some people also do this with remnants or to salvage worn rugs.

Want to learn more about our flooring services? Come into the Couch Potato and Flooring showroom in Hummelstown or Etters, PA., or call for our mobile showroom. We service homeowners in Hummelstown, Hershey, Harrisburg, Lebanon, Etters, York, Mechanicsburg, and Carlisle, PA; be sure to ask about our free estimates.